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  • Print Bigger: Grow Your Own Steamroller vs. Woodblocks in a live Printmaking Massive

  • Type: Entertainment/Art/Exhibit
    Date: Friday - 3/1/2013
    Time: 7:30 10:00
    On Hotel Street
    between Smith St.
    and Maunakea Ave
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
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    Cost: Free
FISHMARKET STUDIOS will be hosting PRINT BIGGER: Grow Your Own on Hotel Street between Smith St. and Maunakea Ave with Steamrollers vs. Woodblocks in a live Printmaking Massive. HAPA presents a massive live printmaking demonstration with Chinatown Artist Lofts resident Sergio Garzon and visiting printmakers from across the state.

Artists will be working on Hotel Street between Maunakea Avenue and Smith Street. Work will be created live using a large scale and experimental materials such as local fruits and vegetables.
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PRINT BIGGER 2: Clean Hawaii, is an oversize printmaking project by Sergio Garzon in collaboration with the printmakers around the island. 10 solo artists and artist teams will carve 4’ x 8’ woodcuts about keeping Hawaii clean. The large-scale prints will be printed with a pavement roller on first Friday March 1st of 2013 in the streets of Chinatown, between Smith St and Maunakea St, across from the Chinatown Artist Lofts. These relief prints will celebrate what it means to clean Hawaii, how to work together to keep our islands clean and healthy for future generations to enjoy.

For the artists this is a chance to make more than just a big print. Through their giant prints the participating artists will speak emphatically to their community about keeping the islands clean and healthy as an expression of who we are as a society and as individuals.
For the community Print BIGGER is an opportunity to think about cleaning up Hawaii and together organizes more awareness in the community about major pollution problems. This community project seeks to break down the barriers between the print shop, the art space, and the public by taking printmaking out onto the streets for everyone to experience.
Target audience
Print BIGGER is targeting a young adult audience. The spectacle aspect of a steamroller printing 4’ x 8’ woodcuts popularizes a fine arts process. The sheer scale of these prints emphatically delivers a message about keeping our islands clean.  Print BIGGER also targets public school children and young adults with an adjunct classroom printmaking activity, displaying prints at several elementary schools, high schools and colleges around the city.

Duration:  September to March
Artists began carving woodcuts in December and the steamroller printing will take place on March 1st, 2013. The prints will later parade different areas of the city and neighboring islands to help unite printmakers and artist from all around.

Medium employed
Large-scale relief printmaking in public. Print exhibition in public places.
Project Sponsors: Honolulu Printmakers; Honolulu Museum of Art; Alan Levy Construction Company; Waialae Elementary School, Waikiki Schools, Kalihi elementary, Kakua Family services, Honolulu Academy of Arts, Honolulu Academy of Performing Arts, Arts Alliance
Sergio Garzon, project coordinator
Contact information
Sergio Garzon
808 373-0319

Arts at Marks Garage, Rich Richardson 

Who are the artists:

Sergio Garzon ​
Sonny Ganaden, Barbara Okamoto​
Team Nakoa: Kimberly Chai, Liz Nakoa, Laura Smith​Deb Nehmad
Team Manga Bento: Devin Oishi and students​
AJ Feducia,Mary McGrath, George Woollard​
Nicole Hori, Justin McAlman, Emily Takahashi and Dover

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