Featured at Arts at Marks Garage for the month and July 2013"> Featured at Arts at Marks Garage for the month and July 2013">
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Dover and Raven Abrams Location / Contact:
po box 575 Kurtistown
Hilo, Hi 96720
Phone: 808 339 2512

Dover And Raven Abrams
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Web Site: http://www.artslant.com/global/artists/show/4744-dover-abrams
DOVER ABRAMS (click here to learn about Raven Abrams)
Dover Abrams floats between his two roles as artist and gallery curator in a world of unstoppable self-expression, immeasurable energy, innocent frustration, biting irony and an intuitive comprehension of human relationships and emotions.

The former graffiti artist exchanged spray can for artist's brush at the influence of partner Jill Peterson, and in doing so discovered the most creative phase yet in his artistic evolution. Where plastic nozzles once spewed visual statements on concrete and stucco, now tubes of oil paint are blended in bold, sweeping lines on canvas and plywood, applied in a rhythm that finds its pace between the passion of youth and the measured understanding of creative maturity.

People are often best seen by those closest to them. In Jill's words, "Dover's paintings are created in a free flow of ideas, thoughts and emotions, narrated in bursts of color and shape...Working at a fevered pace, Dover often paints 10 hours or more a day, typically finishing one or more paintings in one session at the easel...The love of art and life flood off the canvas in a vibrant array of color...Much like a Rorschach test, each viewer will see something different and personal in the complex pattern that is interwoven into each canvas."

Under Dover's artist exterior lurks a solid blue-collar work ethic that a union boss would envy. In addition to maintaining an amazing productivity level in his artistic endeavors - which include painting, sculpture and music - he and Jill operate the Infusion Gallery on a fulltime basis, making it possible for himself and other artists to find valuable wall space in the highly-competitive art world of Los Angeles. As creator or curator, Dover's gifts to the L.A. arts community touch us all.

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