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City unveils license plate decal featuring iconic Hawaiʻi hand gesture

HONOLULU – Oʻahu motorists will be able to buy at any satellite city hall a license plate decal that shows their support for efforts to reduce aggressive driving behaviors, starting Thursday, May 23.
That will be a primary cause behind the new license plate decals featuring the shaka gesture, which is characterized by extending the pinky and thumb while curling down the remaining fingers and waving.
An estimated 5,000 of these shaka decals will be available for $30.50 as an express lane service at satellite city halls in the City and County of Honolulu. Required documents include the completed application for replacing a license plate decal and current vehicle registration.
The application is available at the satellite city hall or online at
No appointment is needed to buy the shaka decal for a license plate decal and support the Hawaiʻi-based nonprofit ID8, which will receive $20 from each purchase to fund its efforts to help curb road rage incidents on Oʻahu.
“We are pleased to continue offering motorists an opportunity to showcase their support for worthy causes across Oʻahu,” said Kim Hashiro, director of the city’s Department of Customer Services.
For additional information about vehicle registration and license plates, visit

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