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FINALLY!!!! The Indigo Alliance is comfortable with having a Psychic Fair again, just like the old days. It will be at our shop on Maunakea in 10 DAYS on Saturday, March 5th, 10am - 6pm. We are well ventilated as our front doors are always wide-open, and our reading rooms are ventilated and we have a plastic barrier between you and the practitioner, we will require all of us to stay masked and all of us at Indigo are vaxed and boosted, we should be fine!

We will have readings up to 30-minutes each, we do want to give everyone a chance and maybe you will consider having a couple of readings each with a different practitioner, how enlightening! Andrew will be available for 30-minute Past Life readings only and he will record it and send it to you. This way you can give what you learned some thought and then schedule a longer session with him in the future. Danielle will be here for all of her loyal fans, she will be available from 1 to 6, again for 30-minute readings at the most. Angeline will be in from 10 until 1 for those of you who LOVE her readings. We have a visiting psychic you all are going to love. Yahya will be here visiting from LA for a week this time. He is an amazing reader, he is a medium who also can see and tell you about your other lives and can tap into your guides and his, it is an amazing experience loved by all.

Please make a reservation for Saturday, remember parking is only $3 all day in the Chinatown Municipal Lot parking structure right across the street. Price is $60 for 30-minutes and $30 for 15-minute readings for this event and we will offer a Senior and Military Discount, 20% off, offered to anyone 65 or older or actively serving. Please come join us, it will be such fun!


INDIGO Alliance Hawai'i is a spiritual energy center in the heart of Honolulu's Chinatown, hosting one treatment and two reading rooms and a small inventory for your conscious living necessities.

Living beings have an innate ability to achieve a perfect state of balance in body, mind & spirit. We created Indigo Alliance to help spiritual seekers find their true direction, which is why we aren't just a bookstore or an event space. Instead, Indigo is a nexus for psychics, spiritual healers, teachers, readers and seekers who are all working towards evolving both themselves and the world they live in.

The classes, events and rituals at Indigo Alliance are many and varied, as are the paths and modalities of our team, but they all coalesce around the goal of bringing the sacred back into daily life and empowering each individual to take the next steps along their path. Our merchandise selection includes books, crystals, jewelry, gifts, candles and more that reflect the various paths and traditions of our community.

Follow your heart, and the guidance of your spirit, as they lead you into new worlds of experience. All you need to do to enter a whole new world is walk through our doors!

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Indigo Alliance Hawaii
1011 Maunakea St. #C
Honolulu Hawaii 96817
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  • Indigo Alliance Hawai'i
    Come and Check us out INDIGO Alliance Hawai'i is a spiritual energy center in the heart of Honolulu's Chinatown, hosting two treatment and reading rooms and a small shop with your conscious living necessities. We will have 15 minute readings for $25

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