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New HOLO card to replace paper passes for TheBus starting July 1, 2021

The HOLO card and HOLO card reader on TheBus


HONOLULU - The City and County of Honolulu's Department of Transportation Services (DTS) is announcing the transition to the new and efficient HOLO card for TheBus passengers, which will replace the old paper passes. The HOLO card delivers added convenience for people who ride the bus.

“This is a positive example of the City working to modernize its services and payment processes for the benefit of the community,” said Director Roger Morton, Department of Transportation Services. “The pandemic has taught us all that we are capable of adapting to change when necessary and we want riders to use the HOLO card the next few months to familiarize themselves with the card features.”

Starting April 1
st, there will be a limited supply of 1-day Passes on board buses and paper passes at retailers. Starting July 1, 2021, paper Monthly TheBus Passes and the 1-Day Pass will no longer be available for purchase. Riders will instead need to have a HOLO electronic fare card with money or a pass loaded on the card. Passengers will still have the option of paying with cash on TheBus.

The HOLO card functions as the fare payment that is currently being used on TheBus and will be the primary payment method for rail. The card can be registered under the owner’s name, and loaded with funds to pay for TheBus rides. The card can be loaded with funds online or select retailers. A simple “tap” with the card on the card reader (located near TheBus drivers and fare box) lets the driver and rider know that they have paid and allowed to board TheBus. The convenience of the HOLO card allows for balance protection against lost or stolen cards, reduces the need to keep track of paper passes, and can be automatically re-loaded when you run out of funds.

In place of the 1-Day Paper Pass, the HOLO card comes with a fare-capping system, where riders will not be charged for rides after the 2
nd paid fare. For example, a rider with an Adult HOLO card will have their payment capped after 2 rides ($5.50), and any rides after that are free the rest of the day.

Riders are encouraged to get and use their HOLO card prior to the July 1 transition to familiarize themselves with the process. Adult HOLO cards can be purchased at local retailers or TheBus Pass Office (please view retailers list via Senior, Disability, and Youth riders can apply for a reduced fare HOLO card at TheBus Pass Office at the Kalihi Transit Center ( for application requirements).

For more information about the HOLO card, please visit or call (808) 768-4656.

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