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Updates on reopening operations for Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation

O‘AHU -- Following the approval of Mayor's Order 2020-15, the Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) is clarifying the timeline for reinstating permitting for outdoor park facilities, commercial activities, as well as the reopening City campgrounds.

Outdoor, Organized Team Sports:

  • Applications for permits will be accepted for outdoor park facility use beginning Monday, June 8 for the month of June and July 2020 only.
  • Applications for permitted use of outdoor park facilities taking place in August 2020 or later will be accepted at a later time. This is to allow field users to conduct regular meetings to coordinate facility use and therefore accommodate more organizations.
  • Permitted team sports practices and drills can begin Friday, June 19 with an approved DPR permit. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, canoe club practices and swim team reservations of City pools. Limit of 30 players maximum, not including coaches.
  • Permitted team sport competitions and games can begin Friday, July 3 with an approved DPR permit. This includes: swim team reservations of City pools and the following team sports: baseball, softball, soccer, and similar outdoor team sports. It does not include activities that require sustained close contact such as wrestling, boxing, and mixed martial arts. The number of people per permit may not exceed 100 people.
  • The Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation will honor previously submitted applications for team sports practices and events between June 19 and July 31. Please contact your DPR representative to inform them if you wish to continue your application.

Permitted Commercial Activities:

  • Applications for commercial activities regularly permitted by DPR (photography, surf lessons, swim lessons, snorkeling, scuba diving, and paddleboarding) will be accepted beginning Friday, June 5.
  • Permits for the above mentioned activities can begin on Monday, June 15 in accordance with their DPR approved permit.
  • All regular commercial activity requirements apply, including but not limited to insurance and permits for State-regulated areas if applicable.
  • Commercial activities that are not authorized by permit -- including, but not limited to -- private or group exercise classes that assess a fee such as fitness classes, boot camps, beach yoga, dance classes, etc., are still not permitted in public parks.

Permitting Picnics and Volunteer Events:

  • No more than 100 people allowed for any outdoor event.
  • A picnic permit is required for events expecting 50 people or more.
  • Applications for picnic permits and volunteer events will be accepted beginning Friday, June 5.
  • Volunteer and community service events can begin on June 19 in accordance with their DPR approved permit.
  • Picnic permits can begin on June 26 in accordance with their DPR approved permit.

Reopening City Park Campgrounds:

  • The online reservation system will reopen on Friday June 12 at 5 p.m. You may access that site using your regular log-in and website at:
  • Camping within designated City campgrounds can begin on Friday, June 26 with an approved DPR permit.
  • The capacity of City campgrounds will be reduced to accommodate physical distancing guidelines between campsites. Generally, this will result in about half of the campgrounds remaining available for public use.
  • Regular campground procedures and rules apply. All City campsites are closed at least on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

All physical distancing and facial covering guidelines outlined in Mayor's Order 2020-15 must be observed.

In addition, DPR will be reopening all park comfort stations (bathrooms) that are accessible from the outside on Friday, June 19. Any bathroom accessed through the inside of a DPR building (such as a gymnasium) will remain closed to the public. Previously, only stand-alone comfort stations were available for public use.

Doubles tennis and pickleball are allowed on City outdoor park courts.

Announcements on the reopening of park playgrounds, indoor facilities (gyms, recreation centers, etc.), and Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve will be made in future announcements. These facilities remain closed until that time.

As a reminder to the public, below is a list of park facilities and operations that were previously reopened:

  • Koko Head Shooting Complex
  • City archery ranges
  • People's Open Markets
  • City pools (lap swim only)
  • Dog parks
  • Skateparks
  • Beaches
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Community Gardens
  • Stand-alone comfort stations and showers
  • Outdoor fields and play courts

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