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Mayor's plan approved to get more of O Ľahu safely back to work

HONOLULU -- Mayor Kirk Caldwell today announced that the City and County of Honolulu's proposal to Governor David Ige that allowed for the safe reopening of more O Ľahu designated businesses and operations has been approved. These businesses and operations will be allowed to reopen under the Mayor's Ho Ľoulu i Honolulu 3.0 Order (Restore Honolulu 3.0 Order).

Under the Ho Ľoulu i Honolulu 3.0 Order, "Personal Service Providers" would be allowed to resume operations with modifications on Friday, May 29. "Personal Service Providers" include barbers, beauty operators, and hairdressers, nail technicians, and tattoo artists. These service providers must ensure:

  • Compliance with all State of Hawai Ľi and City statutory and regulatory requirements and standards;
  • Compliance with applicable CDC guidelines (;
  • Arrange seating in the establishment so that customers are separated from other customers by six feet between booths/stations or have physical barriers between them
  • Implement additional mitigation measures when strict physical distancing of at least six feet is not feasible for a specific task;
  • Ensure that all equipment that comes into direct contact with customers/clients and all furniture in service areas (such as chairs, capes, and the shampooing area in a barber shop or salon) is completely cleaned and disinfected between each customer/client in accordance with CDC guidelines and applicable law;
  • No waiting areas are allowed.

Details related to the reopening of these designated businesses and operations can be found in the Order and can be found online at

Also under the Ho Ľoulu i Honolulu 3.0 Order, outdoor attractions may be able to resume operations with limitations beginning Thursday, May 28. Public and private outdoor attractions, which includes sea life attractions, water parks, pools, campgrounds, and similar outdoor facilities, may reopen under the following conditions:

  • Groups are limited to ten individuals, and where multiple groups are present, operators must implement measures to ensure that they must maintain six feet of physical distance between each other at all times (i.e. no mingling between groups);
  • Indoor portions of the facility must remain closed, unless such portion is authorized under another section of the Mayor's Order and comply with any restrictions imposed;
  • To the extent consistent in this section of the Order, and to the extent reasonable practicable the facility operators and participants shall follow applicable guidance from the CDC (;
  • Individuals must comply with any lawful requirements imposed by the Outdoor Attraction operator.

These are just a few of the requirements for outdoor attractions to reopen with limitations. The full list can also be found in the Ho Ľoulu i Honolulu 3.0 Order.

City dog parks and skate parks, which are included in this section, are scheduled to reopen on Friday, May 29. On June 5, the City will be re-opening the Koko Head shooting complex, archery range, People's Open Markets (POM), and swimming pools for lap swimming only. The Honolulu Zoo is also targeting a June 5 re-opening. A re-opening date for Hanauma Bay has yet to be determined.

With restrictions lifted on outdoor gatherings of 10 people or less (regardless of household), park activities that do not require a permit will be allowed during normal park hours with physical distancing of six feet or more being observed. Sports league activities are not currently allowed, though the City is pursuing a path forward to allow organized activities of this nature to resume at City parks. Gatherings of more than ten individuals are still prohibited in City Parks and individuals (age 5 or over) are still encouraged to wear non-medial grade face coverings to the extent it would not (1) interfere unreasonably with the activity at issue; or (2) pose a health or safety risk to the individual while engaged in that activity.

Reopening of City park facilities, including City gymnasiums, City swimming pools for more than just lap swim, and other indoor and outdoor City park facilities will be announced by the Department of Parks and Recreation ("DPR") at later dates, depending on when DPR determines that these City facilities are prepared to reopen safely for members of the public.

Also under the Ho Ľoulu i Honolulu 3.0 Order, effective June 5, indoor residential and non-commercial gatherings of up to ten individuals (regardless of household or living unit affiliation) are permitted. To the greatest extent reasonably practicable, physical distancing of at least six feet between members of different households/living units should be maintained; and face coverings should be worn.

As part of Mayor Caldwell's plan to safely reopen more of O Ľahu's designated businesses and operations under Governor Ige's Roadmap to Recovery and Resilience, indoor operations such as movie theaters, museums, and fitness centers would be allowed to reopen on Friday, June 19. The Mayor's proposal will be sent to the Governor for approval next week. The guidelines and recommendations for the additional designated businesses and operations will be published upon approval.

Source: City and County of Honolulu News Release / Announcement

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