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Forgiveness brings inner peace and inner joy

Reporting on the Planning Meeting

December 2019, Whole Foods, Honolulu

1. Future Forgiveness Meetings will gather

the 2nd Friday of each month, 5-7 pm,

885 Queen St., Honolulu

Please join us

2. Annual International Forgiveness Day

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Will you join the committee to

find a location and a compelling theme?

3. New ideas for speakers and direction in 2020:

Peace Day, International Women's Day, Attitudinal Healing, Ho'opono'pono, Fred Luskin's work: 'Forgive for Good', Susan Ford will offer a training program to educate us on the health benefits of forgiveness, homelessness & law enforcement, suicide prevention.

What will you contribute?

4. Desire to expand into our island communities and continue our commitment to the original principles of HFP:

celebrating forgiveness in all its religious, artistic, personal, judicial, educational, social and political forms.

5. A new logo or brand

What are your visual thoughts and directions?

6. Michael North and Zhou Xianfeng will be our speakers on

Friday, January 10, 5-7 pm

"China grows in Forgiveness with the wisdom of Zhou En Lai".

Welcome to 2020, a new decade

A new perspective on Forgiveness

from prison

Lee Perlman on Forgiveness.

Lee Perlman was teaching a course on non-violence with his MIT students and prisoners at a nearby Massachusetts prison.

Non-violence as a way of life.

Lee: I have to say that I've learned a lot from teaching that. I have only taught that once, but that very first time, I learned a lot from teaching it in prison. One topic we take up in that course is forgiveness. What is forgiveness? It's not so simple when you think about it.

And who has more to say about forgiveness then these guys that I am teaching in prison? We were struggling with the idea of what forgiveness is and we kind of planned a course around this one line that says, "You can only forgive the unforgivable" meaning sure we can say that I understand why he did it. He came from a bad background or we can say I can live with that, but that is not forgiving. That is excusing and there is nothing wrong with that but that is not what forgiveness is.

Forgiveness is something deeper. Forgiveness is when you are still and when you fully understand the magnitude and the wrong of the act and still this one is able to forgive. So, we are struggling with what that could possibly mean and one of my guys who is in prison for life, said "for me forgiveness is about an act. What I did," he said, "was actually unforgivable and I don't expect anybody to forgive me for that act. What forgiveness means to me is that you are not reduced to be only the person who committed that act and that you remain open to the possibility that I can become somebody who wouldn't do things like that. You remain open to the possibility that I can change; that is what forgiveness means to me." I don't think I would have that kind of conversation just at MIT. I mean I was in a room with people who think in a very deep and personal and really consequential way about what things like forgiveness mean.

Link to the full interview

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Complimentary meeting, open to all

Friday, January 10, 2020

5 pm - 7 pm

Tao Center Hawai'i

885 Queen Street

Honolulu, HI 96813


Near the corner of Ward Ave.

Free parking available at 885 Queen St.

please use any stall, except those with FLEX.

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Hawai'i Forgiveness Project

Celebrating forgiveness in all its religious, artistic, personal,

judicial, educational, social and political forms.

A free monthly meeting is held on the first Friday

of each month, subject to changes in notice.

An annual festival is held on the first Sunday

in August each year.

Queen Lili'uokalani; our key inspiration from Hawaiian culture
The Queen's Prayer:

Mai nânâ `ino`ino

Nâ hewa o kânaka

Akä e huikala

A ma`ema`e nô

Do not be angry

About the errors of man

But forgive

And cleanse

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