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  • Downtown-Chinatown Neighborhood Board Meeting October 2018 Minutes

With Permission / Courtesy of: City and County of Honolulu Neighborhood Commission Office

CALL TO ORDER - Chair Shubert-Kwock called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Quorum was established with eight (8) members present. Note: This nine (9)-member Board requires five (5) members to establish a quorum and to take official Board action.

Board Members Present - Ernest Caravalho, Kevin Lye, James Logue, Lori McCarney, Dolores Mollring, Willis Moore (arrived at 7:20 p.m.), Chu Lan Shubert-Kwock, and Robert Tom 

Board Members Absent - None

Guests - Assistant Chief Nagata, Lieutenant Ferrell, and Sergeant Chi (Honolulu Police Department); Captain Youth (Honolulu Fire Department); Councilmember Carol Fukunaga; Glen Young (Senator Karl Rhoads' Office); House Representative Daniel Holt; Nicole Reid (Art's, Culture, Merchants, and Etc. (ACME)); Pat Lee (Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation); Greg Payton (Safe Haven); Elizabeth Stack and Lee Stack (Chinatown Improvement District); Johnathan Mack, Mark Tarone, Theresa Schubert, and Mike Galmiche (Hallowbaloo); Lacey Kon, Allen Stack Jr., Chris Wong, Kevin McDonald, Ronald Higa, Robert Shin, Kalawaia Goo (Community Members); Harry Cho (Neighborhood Commission Office).

INTRODUCTION OF BOARD MEMBERS - The Board members introduced themselves. 


Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) - Captain Youth reported the following:
• September 2018 Statistics: There was 1 structure fire, 2 cooking fires, 14 activated alarms (no fire), 144 medical emergencies, 2 motor vehicle collisions with a pedestrian, 5 motor vehicle crash/collisions, and 1 hazardous materials incident.
• Safety Tip - Halloween Safety:
o When selecting a costume, stay away from long, trailing fabric, as it can be a trip hazard or attach to an object and cause a fall. If you create your own costume, select materials that won't easily ignite if it comes into contact with heat or flame. If your child is wearing a mask, ensure the eye holes are large enough so they can see out. Provide children with flashlights or glow sticks as part of their costume. It is safest to use a flashlight or battery-operated candle in a jack-o-lantern. HFD discourages the use of candles. 

Honolulu Police Department (HPD) - Lieutenant Ferrell reported the following:
• September 2018 Statistics: There were 8 motor vehicle thefts, 9 burglaries, 51 thefts, 15 unauthorized entries into motor vehicles (UEMV), 20 assaults, 6 sex assaults, 5 drug incidents, and 2,404 total calls for service.
• Safety Tip - Pedestrian Safety:
o Be safe and be seen. Make yourself visible to all drivers. Be smart and alert. Avoid dangerous behaviors. Be careful at crossings. Look before you step. 

Questions, comments, and concerns followed:
1. Statistics: McCarney asked how Downtown/Chinatown's statistics compares to other districts in calls for service. Lieutenant Ferrell stated that statistics throughout the island vary based on size and population of the district. 
2. Staffing: Tom raised concerns with the amount of patrols in the area and the lack of staffing. 
3. Tips: Logue suggested that the public may call and give tips in known areas of crime. 
4. Cameras: Caravalho raised concerns with the non-operating surveillance cameras. 
5. Thank You: Shubert-Kwock thanked HPD for patrolling the area, especially on Pauahi Street.
6. Illegal Activity: A community member raised concerns with illegal activity and crimes on Hotel Street near Union Mall. 

Neighborhood Citizens Patrol (NCP) - Mollring reported that the NCP has continued patrolling the neighborhood every Tuesday. They noticed many vacant retail spaces along River, Hotel, and King Street and noticed that businesses are leaving Chinatown due to crime and homelessness. 

Community Concerns: 
• Bicycling: A community member raised concerns regarding bicycling safety. She stated that drivers are unaware of bicyclists, which make riding in bike lanes dangerous. However, if bicyclists ride on sidewalks in Chinatown, they will be issued a citation. Also brought up that more bike routes are necessary going towards Diamond Head. 


Filling of Vacancy - There is one (1) vacancy at-large on the Downtown/Chinatown Neighborhood Board No.13. Candidates Chris Wong, Kevin McDonald, John Selby, and Laura Sturges each gave a brief statement about themselves. Lye nominated Sturges and Selby, Logue nominated McDonald, and Caravalho nominated Wong.
• Roll-Call Vote: As no nominee received the Majority Vote, filling of the vacancy was deferred to the next meeting, 2-1-3-1-0. (Sturges: Shubert-Kwock and Mollring; Selby: Lye; McDonald: Caravalho, Logue, Tom; Wong: McCarney; Abstain: None).

Election of Secretary:
As there were no objections, Lye was voted as Secretary of the Downtown/Chinatown Neighborhood Board No.13 by Unanimous Consent, 7-0-0. (Aye: Caravalho, Logue, Lye, McCarney, Mollring, Shubert-Kwock, Tom; Nay: None; Abstain: None).

Community Awards to Chinatown Watch Merchants - The Downtown/Chinatown Neighborhood Board No.13 recognized the Chinatown Heroes, Honolulu City Council Chair Ernie Martin, Bank of Hawaii Chinatown Branch Manager Rodney Kimo Wong, HPD Assistant Police Chief Allan Nagata, Guan Hua Antique Store Linda Zhang, and Hawaii News Now Reporter Allyson Blair. The Chinatown Business and Community Association (CBCA) will be celebrating its Ninth Annual Chinatown Heroes Banquet on Saturday 20 October 2018 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Golden Palace Restaurant, second floor.

Honolulu City Lights - A representative from the Department of Customer Services (CSD) reported that the event will take place on Saturday 1 December 2018 from 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Punchbowl Street will be closed between Beretania Street and King Street. 

Hallowbaloo Music and Arts Festival - Johnathan Mack, Mark Tarone, Theresa Schubert, and Mike Galmiche reported that the event is presented by Hawaii Academy of Performing Art and produced by T-Rx Entertainment LLC, Galmiche Entertainment LLC, and Culture Guru, Inc. The event is a free street festival and will take place on Saturday 27 October 2018. Entertainment will be from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., food and beverage service from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., and the street closure from 3:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. The closed streets will be Nuuanu Avenue, between Chaplain Place and King Street, Pauahi Street, between Bethel Street and Smith Street, Hotel Street, between Bethel Street and Smith Street, and Smith Street, between Pauahi Street and the parking lot Makai of Amy's Place. 

Questions, comments, and concerns followed:
1. Alcohol Sales: Chair Shubert-Kwock raised concerns with alcohol sales until 11:00 p.m. and stated that it should stop by 10:00 p.m. A representative of Hallowbaloo stated that this extra hour will give the attendees time to "wind down" to figure out where to go next. However, the event organizers are willing to compromise and stop alcohol sales at 10:30 p.m. and make changes to their current permit.
2. Opposition: A community member raised concerns that compromising the time of alcohol sales will allow other event organizers to compromise as well. Another community member stated his opposition for this event. 

Moore arrived at 7:20 p.m. Eight (8) members present. 

Caravalho moved and Logue seconded that the Downtown/Chinatown Neighborhood Board No.13 support the Hallowbaloo Music and Arts Festival with alcohol sales ending at 10:30 p.m. The motion was adopted by Majority Vote, 6-1-1. (Aye: Caravalho, Logue, Lye, McCarney, Mollring, Tom; Nay: Shubert-Kwock; Abstain: Moore).
Discussion on Biki Station Relocation - Lori McCarney reported that the new CEO of Bike Share Hawaii is Todd Boulanger. The station on River Street has been moved. The new station will support the new American Savings Bank which is projected to be a large user of the bikes. Biki will continue to expand in November and December 2018 with 36 sites near Chinatown/Downtown. A grant was received from American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Blue Zones to encourage those 50 years and older to ride more. A community workshop will be held on Thursday 18 October 2018 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 

Discussion on Increase Alcohol Abuse Citation, Violent Assaults, and Lawless Activities on Pauahi, Maunakea, and River Streets - Greg Payton gave an update regarding efforts to deal with the increase in alcohol abuse, assaults, and illegal activity. 

Discussion on Senate Bill (SB) 2922 - Chair Shubert-Kwock stated that this Bill proposed a constitutional amendment giving the Legislature the authority to institute a surcharge on real property to fund Hawaii's public education system.

Amended Resolution on Sidewalk Obstruction and Crimes - Vice Chair Caravalho and Lye proposed the amendments on the Resolution on sidewalk obstruction and crimes. Amendments accepted by universal consent.


Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) - A representative from the Mid-Pacific Road Runners Club stated that the Pacific Gateway Center's 5k Run/Walk for Kupuna event will be held on Sunday 25 November 2018 at 7:00 a.m. They have also partnered with the Great Aloha Run and will be holding multiple events in January and February 2019. 

Safe Haven - Greg Payton reported the following: 
• September 2018 Statistics: There were three (3) Safe Haven discharges/intakes, two (2) activity center and pathway placements, one (1) Department of Health supported housing, one (1) Mental Health Kokua (MHK) Oahu Case Management Housing, and seven (7) permanent housing placements. The grand total is 81 placements through September 2018.
• New Signs in Chinatown: 
o On Monday 15 October 2018, HPD officers and community members will hand warning signs.
o On Monday 22 October 2018, HPD officers and community members will replace the warning signs with permanent signs. There will be media coverage of this event. 
• 45th MHK Anniversary Celebration: this event will be held on Friday 5 October 2018 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Koolau Ballroom and will feature The Makaha Sons. 

Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) - Pat Lee reported the following:
• P-3 Contracting for CCGS: The HART board unanimously approved bringing on a private partner through a contracting method called a P3, public/private/partnership, to help with constructing and financing the remainder of the rail project. This would include 4.2 miles of elevated guideway and eight (8) stations through the center of town between Middle Street and Ala Moana Center called the City Center Guideway and Stations (CCGS), as well as construction of the park and ride parking garage for the Waiawa Station at Pearl Highlands. This contract would also include provisions to maintain and operate the system for the city in the future, as a DBF/OM (design/build/finance/operate/maintain) contract for a 30 year term. The CCGS contract would start in 2020.The first three (3) legs of the project were done in the traditional design/bid/build or design/build construction methods. A P-3 scenario is a different contract method and transfers additional risk and responsibility to a private partner rather than the City, employing various options to mitigate costs to HART. A P-3 contract for this final segment could realize a savings from traditional methods of contracting. Governments across the world are increasingly turning to the public-private partnership delivery method to implement large public infrastructure projects because of the significantly higher likelihood of meeting cost and schedule objectives for construction and asset management. HART and the city will team up with a private- sector partner to deliver and operate the rail project.
• Charter Amendment: There will be a Charter Amendment question regarding HART on the General Election ballot. Like the Mayor, the Council, and all city departments including the Neighborhood Commission, HART's authority is governed by the City Charter. Last year (2017), the State Legislature passed Act 01 during a Special Session, signed into law by Governor Ige, which granted additional funding for the rail project. It also added state oversight to the management of HART by adding four (4) state appointed members to the HART board, increasing its membership. These new board members are appointed by the Senate President and House Speaker. The amendment is basically a "house-keeping" measure to bring the charter in compliance with State law. The ballot question reads: Shall the Revised Charter of the City and County of Honolulu 1973 (2017 Edition) relating to the board of the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (the "Board") be amended: To increase the number of Board members from 10 to a maximum of 15; To provide that the President of the Hawaii State Senate and the Speaker of the Hawaii State House of Representatives may each appoint up to two (2) non-voting members, for terms to be determined by the appointing authority; To provide that the City Council may appoint one (1) additional voting member; To specify that six (6) members shall constitute a quorum; and To specify that the affirmative vote of a majority of all voting members of the Board shall be necessary to take any action, and such action shall be made at a meeting open to the public? The amendment, if passed, would make the charter language consistent with the changes to the HART board brought on by state law, Act 01 (2017) which increases State oversight of HART by adding state appointed board members, with adjustments made to quorum and voting requirements. The charter amendment question will appear on this year's General Election ballot. 
• Holiday Work Schedule: As part of the Annual Holiday Travel Work Restriction period in collaboration with the State Department of Transportation and the City Department of Transportation Services, there will be no planned rail construction work related lane closures during the Holidays. Details will be announced soon. For more information on the rail project, the public may visit, call the project hotline at 566-2299, or email a question to 

Chinatown Business and Community Association (CBCA) - Shubert-Kwock reported that the CBCA's monthly meeting was held on Tuesday 11 September 2018 at Sunflower Café, the new meeting place. The meeting is held every second Tuesday of the Month. Topics of discussion included crime, escalating violence, and problems with homeless addicts who abuse drugs and alcohol. Chinatown needs more police assistance with police on foot patrol. CBCA is pleased with the recent 17 drug selling arrests. CBCA is working with SafeHaven and Chinatown Watch merchants to make the most blighted streets, Pauahi, River, and Maunakea Streets safer. CBCA is planning the 9th Annual Chinatown Heroes Banquet on Saturday 20 October 2018, 6:00 p.m. at Golden Palace. The next CBCA Meeting is on Tuesday 6 October 2018 at Sunflower Café on 1157 Mauna Kea Street. Upcoming events are the Free Moon Festival Concern on Saturday 6 October 2018 for 300 seniors at 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Mission Memorial Auditorium. There will be free municipal parking. The Dr. Sun Yat-sen 107th Memorial will be held on Sunday 7 October 2018, 10:00 a.m. at the Chinese Cultural Plaza along with the Draping of Leis on the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Statue. The public is welcome to all these events. The next CBCA meeting is on Friday 9 November 2018.

Arts Cultural Merchants Etc. (ACME) - Nicole Reid reported that the total costs $4,021 and sales were $1,700 which left an approximate loss at around $2,300 during last month's First Friday event. Last month, the event was short one (1) HPD officer, however the event went well and received great feedback. A live rock back played last month and the music will likely change to a calmer style "Pau Hana" music moving forward. The Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park recently received art improvements and noticed an increase with tourists and picture taking. ACME is working with a non-profit organization called Access Chinatown to better publicize the community and produce a positive community image. 

Chinatown Improvement District (CID) - Lee Stack submitted a report that stated the CID had a Great Taste of Chinatown Festival last Saturday. Tickets were sold out for a number of different tasting tickets and the public seemed to enjoy it. Lanterns were created by high school students from Kalani High School. Some restaurants are keeping their lanterns. Pictures can be viewed on Star Advertiser online. 

Biki - A report was given earlier in the meeting. 


Mayor Kirk Caldwell's representative - Megan Muramatsu reported the following:
• Follow-Up on Concerns: 
o Faded Crosswalk: Department of Facilities Maintenance (DFM) stated that they made a service request, No.11642, to restripe the crosswalks at the signalized intersection on North Hotel Street and Maunakea Street. Work will start as soon as resources are available.
o Abandoned Vehicle: CSD stated that this complaint was received and issued to the inspector on Monday 1 October 2018, who then conducted his investigation on Tuesday 2 October 2018. It was then determined that the vehicle was not on location so the complaint was closed as such.
o Bus Stop Relocation: Department of Transportation Services (DTS) stated that they have reviewed this request and determined that it is not feasible to relocate Bus Stop No.47, South Hotel Street fronting Union Mall as requested. It is serviced by five (5) routes averaging 16 to 25 buses per hour during the weekday peak and base periods, and heavily used with an average daily ridership exceeding 3,500 passengers. Due to existing site conditions and the spacing between other bus stops, it is in the most appropriate location to facilitate current bus operations. The bus stop zone between the bus stop sign by Walgreens and the crosswalk at Bishop Street measures approximately 135 feet and can queue more than one (1) bus without blocking the crosswalk (i.e. two (2) 60-foot buses, three (3) 40-foot buses). As the waiting area, Union Mall provides ample space to accommodate the bus stop's high ridership. It is properly spaced with the previous bus stop located at Alakea Street and the next stop at Bethel Street. Based on these factors, Bus Stop No.47 will remain in its current location.
o Sidewalk Repair: Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) stated that an inspection was conducted and revealed a one (1) inch gap at the seam of the concrete sidewalk. A work order was sent to the DFM to repair the area.
o Police Patrol: HPD stated that From Wednesday 12 to Friday 14 September 2018, District 1 (Central Honolulu) First Watch officers made checks of Kamalii Park and the area near Bishop Street and Beretania Street and did not observe any individuals or illegal activity. However, one (1) abandoned vehicle with expired tags and safety was towed. Officers will continue to monitor the area and take the appropriate enforcement action. Please encourage community members to call 911 to report suspicious activity as this would result in a more expeditious response. 

Questions, comments, and concerns followed: 
1. Bus Stop Relocation: Mollring requested again that the mushroom seats be moved closer to the street and away from the Walgreens building. 
2. Stripped Vehicles: Mollring stated that there is a moped and bicycle stripped of all its parts in front of Ross at Fort Street Mall. 

Councilmember Carol Fukunaga - Councilmember Fukunaga reported the following:
• Sidewalk Obstructions and Lodging: The City's administration's Bill to present sidewalk obstructions and lodging on an island-wide basis passed third and final reading during the Wednesday 3 October 2018 Council meeting. Bill 51, CD2 prohibits any obstructions on a public sidewalk between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. and Bill 52, CD2 prohibits lodging on a public sidewalk or in public spaces. Both Bills were amended to require enforcements to be accompanied by a comprehensive written report to the Council, outlining the administration's implementation plan to deploy homeless services and housing solutions in each of the nine (9) Council districts, and the Council's acceptance of the written report by resolution. 
• Resolution 18-158, FD1: This was adopted during the August 2018 Council meeting. It requires an update on the City's 2013 action plans to address public health and safety issues involving concentrations of homeless individuals, and current plans for treatment, housing services, and long-term solutions for chronic unsheltered homeless. Councilmember Fukunaga distributed a letter from Department of Community Services (DCS) to the Council requesting an update on the status of the City Administration's Action addressing the public health and safety issues associated with concentrations of homeless persons in the City and County of Honolulu who may be subject to prohibitions against obstructions on public sidewalks or illegal lodging. Another letter was distributed from Councilmember Fukunaga to DCS regarding the recommendations for Councilmember Fukunaga's top three (3) preferred sites and corresponding uses as potential locations of a homeless shelter, navigation center, Housing First units, and other solutions. 

Governor David Ige's representative - No report was given.

Senator Karl Rhoads - Glen Young reported the following:
• Illegal Drug Activity: In response to the recent complaint to HPD regarding illegal drug activity taking place on Maunakea Street, in between North King Street and North Nimitz Highway, Chief Susan Ballard responded that they will investigate the matter and enforcement action will be taken as necessary. 
• Pedestrian Crosswalk: Senator Rhoads filed a problem report with the City regarding a malfunctioning pedestrian crosswalk signal on South Beretania Street and Fort Street. In response, the Traffic Signal Division investigated the problem and informed Senator Rhoads that the crosswalk signal has been fixed. 

House Representative Daniel Holt - Representative Holt reported the following: 
• Global Tourism Summit: Representative Holt recently attended the Global Tourism Summit and believes that Hawaii has an issue with over-tourism. The focus should be on attracting higher spending tourists opposed to just attracting more. 
• Legislative Session: The new Legislative Session is approaching and Representative Holt reminded the Board and public to contact his office with any concerns or suggestions. Representative Holt's office will be moving to Room 333 and the public may contact his office at 808-586-6180. 

APPROVAL OF THURSDAY 6 SEPTEMBER 2018 REGULAR MEETING MINUTES - As there were no objections, the Thursday 6 September 2018 regular meeting minutes were approved as amended by Unanimous Consent, 8-0-0. (Aye: Caravalho, Logue, Lye, McCarney, Mollring, Moore, Shubert-Kwock, Tom; Nay: None; Abstain: None).

Amendments to NB13 September Minutes:
• Page of two (2) of seven (7), McCarney was absent and did not vote. 


Public Safety Committee: 
As there were no objections, the Downtown/Chinatown Neighborhood Board No.13 formed a Public Safety Committee with Caravalho, Logue, and Shubert-Kwock as the members, 8-0-0. (Aye: Caravalho, Logue, Lye, McCarney, Mollring, Moore, Shubert-Kwock, Tom; Nay: None; Abstain: None).


Next Meeting - The next meeting of the Downtown-Chinatown Neighborhood Board No.13 is scheduled for Thursday 1 November 2018 at Hawaii Pacific University, One Aloha Tower Drive, Multi-Purpose Room 3 at 6:00 p.m.

Neighborhood Citizen Patrol - The Neighborhood Citizen Patrol meets each Tuesday on the Diamond Head side of Kukui Plaza at 8:00 p.m. Please join the patrol and support its efforts to express service and pride in our Downtown-Chinatown community.

lelo - Rebroadcasts of Downtown-Chinatown Neighborhood Board No.13 meetings are scheduled on lelo channel 49 for every third Thursday at 9:00 p.m., as well as 6:00 a.m. on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month. An archive of past meetings may be found on and searching on .

ADJOURNMENT - Chair Shubert-Kwock adjourned the meeting at 8:40 p.m.

Submitted by: Harry Cho, Neighborhood Assistant
Reviewed by: Jackson Coley, Neighborhood Assistant
Finalized by: Chu Lan Shubert-Kwock, Chairperson of NB No.13

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