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  • Hawaii Forgiveness Project - Monthly Meeting - Join us on July 14 - Yi Bi Zi Healing Art

Heal Yoursel


Brings Inner Joy and Inner Peace

to all Life

Master Calligrapher and Master Teacher

Orlena Wong-Sambueno will guide us for the

July Forgiveness Meeting

Friday, July 14

4 - 6 pm

885 Queen St. Honolulu


Discovery YI BI ZI

You will learnancient wisdom and practical techniques to

experience Soulfulness™ and enrich every aspect of life.


Chinese calligraphy is revered in the Chinese culture sphere. It is widely practiced and honored as a way to flow universal wisdom, receive qi, and enrich life through powerful positive messages. It is known as one of the most relaxing yet highly disciplined exercises for one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

The ancient art of Chinese calligraphy distinguishes itself from other cultural arts because it emphasizes motion and is charged with dynamic life. Master Sha's Tao Calligraphy is a unique style of calligraphy that combines the artistic beauty of Yi Bi Zi (fully cursive script, oneness writing) with Tao light transmissions. Every Tao Calligraphy emits frequencies and vibrations that create a field of light for anyone in its presence.

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Forgiveness brings Inner Joy and Inner Peace

You will learn ancient wisdom and practical techniques, including chanting, tracing, writing and body movements meditations, to experience Soulfulness™ and enrich every aspect of life.

When people meditate and immerse themselves in this frequency and vibrational field, they can experience Soulfulness™, which can be described as soul awareness and nourishment, and enrich every aspect of life.

Master Sha's Tao Calligraphy practices have been used by people facing all sorts of challenges in life, to receive soul nourishment to remain happy and healthy.

"You have the power to heal yourself."

Watch my Olelo TV show with Master Orlena from last April here

Listen only here

Complimentary meeting, open to all

Friday, July 14, 2017

4 - 6 pm.

Tao Healing Center

885 Queen St.


Honolulu, Hawaii

interactive map

Plenty of parking

You are invited !!

Annual Forgiveness Day Celebration


Sunday, August 6

Calling all ARTISTS

Music, Dance, Drama, Creative Writing, Visual Arts & Media

Let your inner artist out

Share your Forgiveness Art

To enter your artwork, go to

Use this online interactive entry form

No cost to join this Arts of Forgiveness Festival

hawaii-forgiveness-project-monthly-meeting-7-14- 2.jpg

Hawai'i Forgiveness Project

Celebrating forgiveness in all its religious, artistic,personal,

judicial, educational, social and politicalforms.

A free monthly meeting is held on the first Friday

of each month, subject to changes in notice.

An annual festival is held on the first Sunday

in August each year.

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