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  • Hawaii Forgiveness Project - Meet Two Heroes of Forgiveness from Hawai'i: Your reserved complimentary tickets, this Sunday 8/7/2016

Two Heroes of

of Forgiveness:

Wayde Hoapili Lee and Adele Lee

complimentary reserved tickets

Sunday, August 7, 2016, 2:00 to 6:00 pm.

Hawai'i International Forgiveness Day

Honolulu Community Church, 2345 Nuuanu Blvd.

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Complimentary Tickets


An advance tune-up for Forgiveness Day:
The Cathedral of St. Andrew, Von Holt Room
229 Queen Emma Square, Honolulu HI 96813

Friday, August 5, from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.
A énew era of Reconciliation begins --
building on our work in forgiveness and gratitude.
Starting a discussion about how we, the people of Hawaii
can create meaningful reconciliation actions about
the overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy --
125 years behind us, but not yet reconciled amongst us.

Dear Friends,

Sometimes the greatest miracles are silent
, private, little-known. Humble: drawing simple power from the 'aina.

Such are the two Heroes of Forgiveness we have selected for recognition by the people of Hawai'i this year.

Wayde Hoapili Lee and his wife, Adele Lee, have worked for many seasons to provide healing, guidance, work, training -- understanding of

'ohana, 'aina, malama, kuleana, aloha
family, land, care, duty, love

The great virtues of the Hawaiian people, unique to these islands.

Here's what the Star-Advertiser said about them, early this year:

  • "The healing sessions are so intense and emotionally draining that the man who oversees them usually schedules just one a day. Two sessions leave him mentally exhausted. Under the firm but gentle guidance of Wayde Hoapili Lee, a Native Hawaiian cultural practitioner, the youths meet privately with their parents, guardians or others they are close to, confessing past wrongs, seeking forgiveness and expressing unconditional love."

Read the full article here.

They call the group Wahi Kana'aho, and it restores dignity, reaches out for forgiveness, with forgotten Hawaiian youth.

Our honoring of this special couple as Heroes of Forgiveness is made deeper by the death, just a few weeks ago in April, of Adele Lee.

So Wayde will accept the honor on her behalf.

Click here to see a short video
to know the sights, sounds and feelings
of Wahi Kana'aho.

Will you please join us on this journey, August 7?

All tickets are complimentary, and we simply ask that you reserve them (up to 5 at a time for you and friends).


click here for
Complimentary Tickets

Hawai'i Forgiveness Project

Celebrating forgiveness in all its religious, artistic,personal,

judicial, educational, social and politicalforms.

A free monthly meeting is held on the second Friday

of each month, subject to changes in notice.

An annual festival is held on the

first Sunday in August each year.

Queen Lili'uokalani;
our key inspiration from Hawaiian culture

The Queen's Prayer:

Mai nânâ `ino`ino
Nâ hewa o kânaka

Akä e huikala
A ma`ema`e nô

Do not be angry

About the errors of man

But forgive
And cleanse

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