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  • Association Of Hawaii Artists (AHA) - Call to Artists - Miniature Show at Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden Gallery

Call to Artists

AHA Miniature Show at Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden Gallery

The Third Annual AHA Miniature Show will be accepting entries on November 1, 2014 from 10:00am to 12:00 noon at Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden Visitor Center Gallery, 45-680 Luluku Road, Kaneohe, HI 96744. This Miniature Show will be open to the public from November 2 through November 29, 2014. Please get the Prospectus for the Miniature

Show at this website: ,then click "Events", and "Ho'omaluhia Miniature Show".

Warren Stenberg is the curator of this show. There will be First, Second, Third Place Awards and three Honorable Mention awards. This will be a People's Choice show. Awards will be presented at the opening reception on Saturday, November 15, 2014 from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

The Association of Hawaii Artists (AHA) is a vibrant non-profit organization currently celebrating its Eightieth ( 80th) Anniversary. AHA is not only the longest established, but, also the most diverse art organization in Hawaii. After eight decades, it is still a potent art force in Hawaii.
It is interesting to note that at the time of founding AHA in 1926, The Honolulu Academy of Arts did not yet exist... With the exception of the Bishop Museum, there was no focal point for the arts. Thus, that year, a small group of artist friends eager for cultural exchange gathered to discuss the arts and establish themselves as a membership organization devoted to the support and promotion of the growing arts community. This core group initially came to be known as "The Association of Honolulu Artists". The artist, Sunao Hironaka, (1) a 1923 McKinley High School graduate, best known for illustrating the book "Haiku of Hawaii", was the early leader of this group.

By the 1930's, the city of Honolulu's population had grown to over 200,000 residents and the prestigious new Honolulu Art Academy of Arts was being visited by nearly 50,000 people annually. In May 1936 in conjunction with the Honolulu Academy of Arts, The Association of Honolulu Artists held a special exhibition of member D. Howard Hitchcock's work celebrating his seventy fifth birthday.

By then, AHA was gaining recognition and news coverage on its regularly produced art exhibits. Gathering momentum throughout the next few decades, the periodic AHA sponsored art shows grew more frequent and far broader in scope. During the war years of the 1940's, cash awards for juried winners were replaced with U.S. Government war bonds. Finally, in 1988, the organization changed its name from the Association of Honolulu Artists to the current all encompassing Association of Hawaii Artists.

The roster of prominent members from the past includes Madge Tennent, John Young, D. Howard Hitchcock, plus many other leaders in the Hawaii arts community. Contemporary luminaries include Ramsay (a life member), {include other members; look through past booklets].

AHA promotes the multimedia arts and its artist-members, and builds on a foundation on which artists of all media can come together for comradeship, education, showmanship, and moral support.

AHA's stated mission is "To promote cooperation and congeniality among Hawaii's artists and those interested in art; to stimulate growth and ability among members by presenting programs and projects designed to enrich and educate; and to contribute to the cultural life of our state and community wherever and however possible."

AHA is governed by a set of by-laws and an annually elected all-volunteer executive board who set the agenda and appoints operating committees. Currently membership is approximately 250. AHA maintains a website: and also publishes a monthly newsletter titled The AHA Paint Rag which is mailed to its full membership plus other interested art entities. In additions AHA produces a periodic e-mail publication called "AHA E-News" for the general art community who opt into this communiqué. Both publications keep members informed of art events and member activities and achievements.

In 2006 AHA produced two major juried exhibitions plus eight smaller group shows, some of which were juried. Further, members were offered a free watercolor demo by a renowned visiting Asian artist.

AHA also promotes art education and growth through art volunteer work in the community. Currently it is conducting free children's art classes for the Keiki Corner, a homeless shelter in Kaka'ako, Honolulu.

The roster of prominent members from the past includes Madge Tennent, John Young, D. Howard Hitchcock, and other art leaders in the Hawaii community. The current luminaries would include Ramsay (a life member), {include other members; look through past booklets].

The current roster includes artists who have achieved recognition exhibiting at the Academy Art Center at Linekona through other organizations: Mary Mitsuda and Satoko Dung (invited artists at the recent Japanese Chamber of Commerce exhibit); others include Elizabeth Knoke-Dieckvoss, Robin Scanlon, Susie Y. Anderson, Ron Kent, Jay Marr, Bridgette Adams, Lily Hasegawa, Jerome Heck and Shizuko Mansho. AHA member Charlene Hughes, master quilter was the featured and honored artist at the 2005 Annual Hawaii Quilt Guild exhibit at Linekona.

AHA's most recent juried shows were: The Annual Contemporary Show (Jurors Harry Tsuchidana -2005 and Greg Northrop - 2006) jurors for 2005; The Art Board Exhibit (Motoomi Eguchi, Juror); The Annual Plein Air Show (David Behlke and Mark Norseth, jurors for 2005 and 2006); and The Annual Spring Aloha Show (Michael Naylor and T.M. Nicholas jurors for 2005 and 2006).

Association of Hawaii Artists is supported by numerous local and mainland enterprises including Winsor & Newton, Jerry's Artarama, North Light (Art) Books, Tori Richard, Ltd., One Shot Supplies, Hawaiian Graphics and Daniel Smith Art Supplies (Seattle).

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