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Sean Doyle Location / Contact:
305 Burke Ave W.
Saint Paul, MN 55113
Phone: 612 462-0557

Sean Doyle
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Sean's Doyle's hands have molded some of nature's hardest elements into magnificant organic shapes. From life-size trees of twisted steel, to door hinges, gates and trellis.

His medium for expression has varied from steel, to stone and leather and eventually to addorning the human form as an award winning fashion designer.

But Sean didn't stop with his elegant garments and extravagant fashion shows. He carried his talents beyond the glamourous world of fashion, and into the land of imagination, with a large scale blacklight, interactive theatrical set he calls "Imagine This."

With an unusual talent for combining unlikely, and often thought provoking visual elements in his art, Sean has a knack for cultivating a visual splendor that lingers in the minds of those who experience it.

Sean might for example, create a giant meadow of glow-in-the-dark flowers and grass, where painted performers move through a living art canvas. Smoke ring cannons, lava drummers in contamination suits, a giant paper monster and glowing backdrops add an element of fun and surprise for the bands and events Sean has been commissioned to create atmosphere for.

Sean Doyle isn't likely to stop at leather corsets, bustiers or blacklight faerie lands. As his rich repitoire of talents has grown, so have his ideas and ambitions. Sean draws assistance from a growing pool of talented artists, musicians painters, photographers, builders, performers and models to help him express his large scale, interactive visions.
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    SpeeDee 17 Point Oil Change (Waipahu or Wahiawa Location)

    1. Oil Change with National Brand Oil
      (5W30 Oil, up to 5 quarts)
    2. Install New Oil Filter
    3. Lube Chassis*
    4. Check and Fill** Transmission Fluid
    5. Check and Fill** Differential Fluid
    6. Check and Fill** Radiator Coolant
    7. Check and Fill** Power Steering Fluid
    8. Inspect Battery Fluid and Top Off*
    9. Check and Fill** Windshield Washer Fluid
    10. Visually Check Brake Fluid Level
    11. Inspect Air Filter
    12. Inspect Cabin Air Filter*
    13. Inspect Wiper Blades
    14. Inspect Belts and Hoses
    15. Check and Set Tire Pressure
    16. Clean Front and Rear Exterior Windshields
    17. Vacuum Front and Rear Floorboards

    * Where applicable ** Up to 1/2 Pint

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