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Artwork VonStaub - Paul Staub Location / Contact:
Honolulu, Hawaii 96816
Phone: 808-393-6144

Paul Staub
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My name is Paul Staub; I was born in Washington State, but have lived in Hawai'i for over twenty years. I started My art career, in a way, in the late 1980's when I picked up a camera and started to document musical groups that were performing in Waikiki. I then moved back to Seattle and dabbled in the music business. I also continued to take pictures of landscapes everywhere that I went.

Upon returning to Hawaii in 1999, I decided to pursue a career in art. I had just that year started to experiment with oil paints. I have subsiquently immersed my self in the art world, especially here in Hawai'i.

I currently work as the assistant curator at the exhibition space at 1132 Bishop street. I spend a good amount of my time in Europe, where I have pieces in collections in both Germany and France. I Paint mostly in oil, do traditional and digital photography, and sculpt both stone and wood and weld steel. I hope you like my work.

I feel good art speaks to us.however we do not have to like what it is saying to appreciate it!, Paul Staub

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