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  • Deborah Wilson, Fine Art

Deborah Wilson, Fine Art Location / Contact:
Waianae, HI 96792
Phone: (808)222-6419

Deborah Wilson
Her Style
Deborah Wilson is proficient in any subject matter, however, her specialty is the human form and portraiture. She works in a variety of mediums and techniques, choosing what will most suit the mood that she is portraying. But, she especially favors a loose watercolor "pouring" technique, because of the challenging and interesting effects that are a source of inspiration to her. The act of pouring pigments onto the paper is both exciting and nerve-wracking, since the effects are somewhat unpredictable and dramatic.

Her paintings are a commentary on the beauty and complexity of nature, rather than a realistic representational recording.

Her Past
For most of her 25 years of working as a professional artist, Deborah has worked as an illustrator for various publishers across the United States. She has also been a teacher in the public schools, and recently has returned to her first love of painting and fine art.

Deborah has a B.S. in Education degree (K-12) in art, with a Psychology minor. She has been active in pioneering an artist's organization in Springfield, Missouri, which focuses on the spiritual aspects of art, and encourages and assists artists to reach their potential. She has also been active in events planning in the arts to accommodate the needs of these area artists.

Her Direction
Currently, Deborah and her husband are residing in Hawaii, where she is working on a series of paintings which feature the Hawaiian people and their culture. She feels that it is a great privilege to have the opportunity to paint amidst such beauty.

During her years as an illustrator, she was frequently asked to paint a scene of the garden of Eden. Deborah always turned to photos of beautiful Hawaii and it's people for her reference material. She says that she has often wondered if God created Hawaii to give us just a glimpse of what heaven must be like. In any case, she hopes that her paintings bring peace and tranquility into your home.
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