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Phone: 702-810-1416

Color, water, bountiful, life, movement, and journey... captures the expression through the beautifully crafted glazed clay fish by Deanna Lieux. For as long as Deanna can remember she has been funneling her creative energy and passion through designing and constructing pieces in a wide variety of mediums, from fabric to metals and recently clay.

About Deanna Lieux
Deanna Lieux (Lear), loving wife to Gary, caring mother to Suzanne, Heather, Michelle, Heidi and Christine, a dedicated physical therapist and ...Artist.

When Deanna's daughters were small she would design several variations of an outfit, draw them out and have each daughter pick one that she would then make. "What I have made or put my creative energy into in the past has been driven by an item needed at that time. Recently I have been passionate about making fish." Deanna has enjoyed snorkeling in the Caribbean and recently Hawaiian waters. "I am mesmerized by the beauty, shapes and colors of Hawaiian fish. When I see a funny, interesting or memorable fish I want to make it but out of clay. I have a list of fish, 'the fish list', that still need to be expressed. If I only had more time."

Deanna moved to Hawaii for a year in June 2005 to follow her husband as he completed additional training. Deanna and Gary will be returning to Las Vegas this summer. She will fondly remember times of wonder snorkeling in the beautiful oceans of Hawaii in search of amazing fish.
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