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  • Daspace & StudioBE by SmarTitas Ink - CLOSED

Daspace & StudioBE by SmarTitas Ink - CLOSED Location / Contact:
1192 Smith Street
Honolulu, hi 96817
Phone: 808-351-4960

Moana Aluli Meyer
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studio Be
An intimate event venue for your every creative wish...Daily dance classes, Do it yourself instructional seminars to Art Be is where every moment is the only moment...Come and discover just being...

Available for cultural celebrations, intimate gatherings, spiritual retreats, health and wellness enrichment, auditions and screenings, business meetings, movie nights, company parties, dance parties and deejayed events. All in the heart of Downtown Honolulu!

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Our Vision

Supporting the Artistic, Intellectual and Cultural Community in Hawaii

StudioBe was created with a truly unique and special vision: to empower women and provide a space for creative people to gather and freely express themselves.

As Tough, Intelligent, Tender and Artistic as her moniker SmarTitas Ink suggests, Moana Meyer is as comfortable around paint brushes as she is around drills and hammers. She has remodeled some of Hawai'i's most prestigious houses, turning them into unique homes with her signature faux finsihes and visionary design.
In 2005 she put her creative talents to test. Determined to provide a safe and energizing space where artists can gather and flourish, she and her friends stripped and renovated a Chinatown loft and created DaSpace.
Ever expanding her vision, in 2006 she leased the adjacent space and turned it into what is now StudioBe. The renovations were extensive; what was once a palid, dingy business area was transformed into a room filled with energy and good mana. Though it has been a struggle to maintain, she are determined to keep StudioBe and DaSpace alive as a vibrant hub in revitalized Downtown Honolulu.

About Moana Aluli Meyer
moana aluli meyer is a local artist who returned back from LA 7 years ago and has finally come home. She loves to recover and restore the gems of the junk heap and offer a textured art experience to all who magical and unlimited...come play and just BE

SmarTitas Ink
T.I.T.A. is an endearing Hawaiian slang for Sister. Somewhere in history, the term was misused to describe women in a negative way. Thus SmarTitas was born, to upgrade and reclaim the original meaning of the word Sister or Tita. Tough, Intelligent, Tender, Artistic, Sista...

The SmarTita logo was created using the "symbol for woman," then adding the S for Smart going into the stem of the symbol to make the T in Titas. The swirl represents the connection/piko to all the smart titas: mothers, grandmothers, loved ones, who came before us.

Mahalo from the SmarTitas.
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