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Sundly Arts by Christine Sundly Location / Contact:
Kaneohe, HI 96744
Phone: 715-309-8849

Christine Sundly
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Christine's art is divided into two different Medias; Painting and Graphic Design. Painting has continuously been an introspective method for her as early back as she can remember, using textures and movement to express her interpretation of life and her reaction to her chosen subject matter. Painting is chosen for many reasons but particularly due to texture possibilities and the flexibility that is presented. Several years of schooling in a studio atmosphere have given Christine the ability to experiment with countless forms of media.

Graphic Design has Christine's interest based on its formulas and the riddles that are presented. There is typically a challenge for which she is able to find a resolution. Christine is also able to express her political views through design. Christine has been active in art since elementary school. Educationally, the past 8 years have been the most intensive for her development as an accomplished artist. She has earned an Associate's Degree of Applied Science - Graphic Design 2000-2003 at Milwaukee Area Technical College, then continuing her education by attending the University of Wisconsin Stout earning Bachelors of Fine Arts -- Concentration of Studio-Sculpture with Emphasis in Graphic Design in 2006.

Christine has won several awards due to her talent:
  • 2004-2005 The recipient of the Marjorie L. Sheedy Art Scholarship.
  • July 2005: Drawing and Painting in London through Department of Art and Design Summer program sponsored by University of Wisconsin-Stout.
  • 2005-2006 The recipient of the Marjorie L. Sheedy Art Scholarship.
  • Fall 2005: Exhibit of "Why Yes, I would like to see slides of your liver" Advanced Sculpture Students at the University of Wisconsin Stout Art Gallery.
  • Fall 2005-Spring 2006: Painting was exhibited in a student show in the Dean's of Art and Science office.
  • December 2006: Senior Show Exhibit at the University of Wisconsin Stout Art Gallery.
Christine is currently a member of Association of Hawaii Artists. She is actively painting in Hawaii and is available via e-mail. Artwork on this site that is for sale is listed and priced and will be shipped via United States Postal Service and shipping charges may apply. Please see terms of use.
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