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Adam Weston Art - Studio & Gallery Downtown - Chinatown  - Honolulu, Hawaii Location / Contact:
9 North Pauahi Street
Honolulu, HI 96817
Phone: (808) 286-7415

Adam Weston
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Born into a family of artists in New York's Manhattan, and growing up in a home in which creativity and making things were always enjoyable challenges, I began painting very early.

At the age of six, almost killed in a shocking car accident, I was unconscious for about a week - hanging precariously in the grey area between life and death. This chance, near-death experience was the beginning of my lifelong interest and exploration into the meaning of life and the interconnectedness of the universe.

I'm particularly curious about fractals, and the patterns which appear throughout nature and the universe. It is utterly fascinating to me that lightning, mountains, rivers, coral, roots, blood vessels, and nerve cells all share a common geometry. These widely different things are undoubtably connected.

Through my work I am committed to expressing my love, respect, and gratitude for the beauty and energy we are given in our lives on earth.

In 2004, I moved my studio to Japan to prepare for a solo exhibition. During these last 10 years, I have been greatly influenced by the culture, traditional crafts, and heart of Japan.

My recent artwork is related, in particular, to a technique famous in Shikoku, the region in which I live. Japanese "Urushi" (lacquerware), involves the build-up and polishing of multiple layers of deep color upon intricately carved or textured surfaces.

This process of layering and wiping away is directly related to the effect, found throughout nature, of accretion and erosion. It is the embodiment of the breath of the earth over the millennia in building mountains and then reducing them, eventually, to dust.

Currently, I am dividing my time between Japan, New York, and Hawaii, where my creative energy flows.

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