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  • First Friday Hawaii
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  • Ong King: First Friday of Flowing Spheres and Festive Sounds

  • Type: Entertainment/Art/Exhibit
    Date: Friday - 5/3/2019
    Time: 7:30pm - 2am
    Ong King's First Friday
    1154 Fort Street Mall
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
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    Cost: Cost: 10$ (art opening free)
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First Friday of Flowing Spheres and Festive Sounds
Come on down to the bohemian heart of Honolulu (Ong King on Fort Street) to join in the festivities.... Kava will be flowing, the music will be bumpin', and the dance floor will be filled with flow arts. Show up for the art, and stay to dance the night away... We have fresh, crisp art to tantalize your visual cortex, And musical sounds to get you into the groove, and dancing through the night... come on down to embrace locally sourced, 100% organic, art, performance, music and dance...

Michelle Rose Tucker
Michelle's musical journey is a testament to finding purpose in life. Coming from a classically trained background on the harp, Michelle always knew she wanted to be a musician. But, finding her place in the music world and combining her love for the harp and her love for songwriting, singing and creating has been a journey all it's own.
IG: @michelle_rose_tucker

Drowning Dreamers
The Drowning Dreamers Band is an indie chamber folk ensemble from Honolulu, HI, with a slate gray streak of shoegaze postrock, running through its middle. They hope to provide a fitting backdrop, in case you've found yourself in the midst of your next north Atlantic passage, Arctic expedition, Death Valley breakfast, Nebraskan power outage, or even just a momentary bit of restlessness, in anyplace you call home.

DNA Muse-ic
This Reggae Trio is heore to touch your soul with finely crafted lyrics, your spirit with their skankin rhythms, and get your hearts dancing as the melodies take you into the night... With Dominic Carlos, Amy Yamashiro & Casey Ibara.

BSOS (Brighter Side of Sol)
BSOS is an incredible collaboration of Music from different areas of the globe. Featuring Guitar and Sitar by the amazing Shree Sadagopan, Latin inspired polyrhythmic ecstatic beats by Jaycob Sierra, and deep bass lines to stir your body and soul by James Harmon.

Thom Kilroy
Thom fuses his passion for song with a love of life. Based on the lush island of Kaua‘i, Thom’s expressive lyric and intimate vocals have a feel-good ambiance that draw from his island lifestyle, world travels, and good willed sensibility. With native LA roots, he left behind a thriving urban livelihood to chase his true calling—music. His debut album, Release, reflects a poetically universal collection of songs that stretch beyond his island days.

Art by Chanel Tanaka
Hawaii born artist Chanel Tanaka first encountered painting and drawing at a very young age. A hobby quickly turned into a passion, which transformed into a life changing career. She will be presenting the exhibition:
The sun and moon appear to be in contrast but in fact they are in perfect harmony. Come explore that with us?
Collaboration by Artist Scott Fitzel & Artist Chanel Tanaka
www.chaneltanaka.com1First Friday of Flowing Spheres and Festive Sounds

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oNg kINg is a safe space to open up and create.

Each person who enters has the opportunity to exit having gained learning, freedom and truth within themselves.

This for those on quest toward creative freedom, and artistic mastery.

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    Ong King is a safe space to open up and create featuring artwork, classes, workshops,entertainment and more. Has coupon!!
    1154 Fort Street Mall, Honolulu, HI (View Map)

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