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  • First Friday Hawaii
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  • Ong King: 1st Friday - First Friday of a Slizzing Summer

  • Type: Entertainment/Art/Exhibit
    Date: Friday - 6/1/2018
    Time: 7:30pm - 2am
    Ong King's First Friday
    1154 Fort Street Mall
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
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    Cost: Cost: 10$ (art opening free)
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Frist Friday of a Slizzing Summer

Summer is almost here! Come on down to heart of Honolulu to join in the festivities.... Kava will be flowing, the music will be bumpin', and the dance floor will be filled with flow arts. Show up for the art, and stay to dance the night away

Music By:

Kaila Weaver

A Woman weaving infinity through sound... From melodic finger-picking, to folk, to a funky-reggae style, Kayla Hutchin's Original music serves as a universal bridge for messages of unity and connection for the collective unveiling of the soul.

Joel Spiral

"These words, spoken and read, resonate with resolve to rescue the light from within. There … now we're on to something. A beat, a tempo, a rhythm … building, blossoming, marshaling the light … a charged thrust through the darkness. I know the way. My music is an expression of that connection through hip-hop. It's an offensive against the darkness that we too often succumb to in our earthly lives. And most of all, it will put you in strong positive motion, to find your light and shed your burden."


Music from all around the world is as inter-related as people and cultures of this world are. We specialize in improvisational music that takes form as we play it live. Our music is based on the theory of free form jazz, which is freedom of musical expression. Within this expression, we showcase cultural music from our live experiences and our ancestry. Fusing Indian, Malaysian, Middle Eastern and Latin music with Western styles of Jazz, Blues and Funk is what we do best.

Tommy Osuna & Friends

Tommy "The Swami" Osuna has enjoyed working outside the envelope of the mainstream record business for nearly two decades. Tommy is currently continuing his musical exploration, working more in the capacity of a singer-songwriter singing songs about all of his past and present experiences.

Unofficially Yours

- A powerhouse band combining stirring vocals, entrancing guitars, on point percussion, and much more. Featuring Dhevhan Keith, Raymond Brown, Jaycob Sierra, David Clarke, and Cathrine Ritter. A treat for everyone.

Time Putty -

Down home Psychedelic Funk... these guys will navigate your journey to the infinite mind with bossa nova colors, surging hard drive bass and psychedelic whispers caressing the edge of galaxies.

Art by Ran Noveck

Ran's work is distinguished by his use of flowing lines, bold colors, and unique perspectives, giving viewers a feeling of liquid movement, Ran was born and raised in Tel Aviv, but after visiting Hawai'i in the 90s, Ran fell in love with the islands he now calls home.

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oNg kINg is a safe space to open up and create.

Each person who enters has the opportunity to exit having gained learning, freedom and truth within themselves.

This for those on quest toward creative freedom, and artistic mastery.

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    Ong King is a safe space to open up and create featuring artwork, classes, workshops,entertainment and more. Has coupon!!
    1154 Fort Street Mall, Honolulu, HI (View Map)

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