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  • First Friday Hawaii
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  • Ong King: 1st Friday - February's First Friday Funky Fandango

  • Type: Entertainment/Art/Exhibit
    Date: Friday - 2/2/2018
    Time: 7:30pm - 2am
    Ong King's First Friday
    1154 Fort Street Mall
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
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    Cost: Cost: 10$ (art opening free)
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Another First Friday is Upon us. Come on down to heart of Honolulu to join in the festivities.... Kava will be flowing, the music will be bumpin', and the dance floor will be filled with flow arts. Show up for the art, and stay to dance the night away.

Music by:

Leigh Ann Phillips

To Leigh Ann Phillips, music is the medium that voices her recognition of the simple beauties of life; the things that are really important but often overlooked. She has a keen awareness of the beauty that surrounds us even in the midst of apparent disarray and disillusionment; the beauty in nature, relationships, and even in the ironies of modern society.

Abe Miller

Talus is the experimental indie project of singer/songwriter Abe Miller. Talus' live set involves heavy looping of effect-drenched guitar melodies interlocking with ambient vocals to create cavernous walls of sound.

Broken Eagle Talon

The sacred sounds of the native american flute, ,as you've never heard them before. Sound resonance that will bring you to other realm.s

The Bandhas

Honolulu's hard-rockin spiritualists. Celebrating their debut Album, 'Lock', these guys will rock your world while bringing the energy up your chakras...


Music from all around the world is as inter-related as people and cultures of this world are. We specialize in improvisational music that takes form as we play it live. Our music is based on the theory of free form jazz, which is freedom of musical expression. Within this expression, we showcase cultural music from our live experiences and our ancestry. Fusing Indian, Malaysian, Middle Eastern and Latin music with Western styles of Jazz, Blues and Funk is what we do best.

Ginja Fresh & the Remedies

Honolulu's pakalolo troubadour has formed a band, providing the skills and stills to make you feel irie from just skankin to the beat. Come hear the sounds of the Big Island meets Oahu, with just a touch of Troublemaking thrown in.


A dynamic duo that revolves around well-blended vocal harmonies and folk-fusion melodies. Both members, Phil Strauss and Betsy Slaughter, are singer/songwriters and often collaborate to create a unique sound. Joining them, will be Bboy K, a energetic dancer from Japan with a comedic style.

Light the Dark - Full Band

This project has been known for it's soulful ballads, but with a new drummer, bassist, and arrangements, they've set out to rock your world in new ways. Trying to promote personal realization, one note at a time.

Art by Hulda Asgeirsdottir

From the lands of Ice, Hulda comes to share shapes, colors, and joy. She hails from Iceland and moved to America almost thirty years ago. Having worked many jobs such as a stager, professional organizer in a bank and in a fish factory in Iceland. She took art classes from a friend and started to paint... and absolutely fell in love with it. Painting brings her joy and happiness, Bliss even!

"I get inspired by the shapes and beauty that I see all around me and I hope that when people see my art they feel joy, love and energy."

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oNg kINg is a safe space to open up and create.

Each person who enters has the opportunity to exit having gained learning, freedom and truth within themselves.

This for those on quest toward creative freedom, and artistic mastery.

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