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  • First Friday Hawaii
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  • Ong King: 1st Friday - First Friday Festivus (A Jolly Holy Daze)

  • Type: Entertainment/Art/Exhibit
    Date: Friday - 12/1/2017
    Time: 7:30pm - 2am
    Ong King's First Friday
    1154 Fort Street Mall
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
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    Cost: Cost: 10$ (art opening free)
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First Friday Festivus (A Jolly Holy Daze)

The Holidaze are rapidly approaching, and what an opportunity to get out and get down with amazing music, fantastic art, and people who are full of wonder and Joy. Celebrate the season with us, as we hang our stockings, light the Menorah, honor Jack Frost, and linger under the mistletoe.... show up to chinatown, and share the vibes, dance your booty off, and see artistic expression covering the walls - Give your self the Gift of music, friends, and song!

Thom Kilroy

Thom fuses his passion for song with a love of life. Based on the lush island of Kaua‘i, Thom's expressive lyric and intimate vocals have a feel-good ambiance that draw from his island lifestyle, world travels, and goodwilled sensibility. With native LA roots, he left behind a thriving urban livelihood to chase his true calling--music. His debut album, Release, reflects a poetically universal collection of songs that stretch beyond his island days.

Kiana Luna

Born and raised in the mountains of Japan to a Japanese father and American mother, Kiana and her two older siblings were home-schooled at the foot of Mt. Fuji, until she moved to her mother's homeland of Hawaii in 1999.

"My hope is that as an Artist, I am able to continue growing and challenging myself towards expressing my deepest truths in a way that more fully embodies my spirit, character, and life experiences. "


Music from all around the world is as inter-related as people and cultures of this world are. We specialize in improvisational music that takes form as we play it live. Our music is based on the theory of free form jazz, which is freedom of musical expression. Within this expression, we showcase cultural music from our live experiences and our ancestry. Fusing Indian, Malaysian, Middle Eastern and Latin music with Western styles of Jazz, Blues and Funk is what we do best.

Haole Kid & Local Boy Blues Project:

With raw, energetic vocals and aggressive slide guitar, Haole Kid & Local Boy do not color inside the lines, but they'll make sure you have a good time. Playing both original tunes as well as covers, the Haole Kid (Kelly Howerton) and Local Boy (Marino Regalado) are bringing a fiery blend of rock 'n roll and blues to Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Woodlums

Funky, Rocking guitar riffs, with Soulful vocals, and a beat that will get your feet Moving!

DJ set by Jerome James to close out the night!

Art by:

Andy Alverado

Andrew has been part of the ARTs in Honolulu for almost 30 years, and has seen everything this town has to offer. This month, he brings his experiences to you of the Sea, and the City, and the friendly freaks who populate both. Mermaids & Misfits abound as Andy crates an experience that will create an atmosphere that will exapand your world.

Kathryn Rone

Kathryn is an exhibiting artist since she was in school and attended Laguna College of Art and Design in California. This November, she was the Featured Artist on The National Arts Program Foundation Website.

Her vision: "Energy, vibrancy, and the movement of life catches my eye. I explore meditation, movement, and energy of nature. I practice receiving and expressing this energy through painting. With the sway of my hands and body, I imitate the lines of the plants or movement of the water. I have studied movement and painting all of my life. Practices of yoga, meditation, and Continuum Movement have helped to bring a peaceful flow to painting. These practices help me to sense the micro-movements in the body and be more present with my surroundings, to feel life's breath and energy, Ha."

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oNg kINg is a safe space to open up and create.

Each person who enters has the opportunity to exit having gained learning, freedom and truth within themselves.

This for those on quest toward creative freedom, and artistic mastery.

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