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  • ART music BEER at Chinatown Courtyard

  • Type: Entertainment/Art/Exhibit
    Date: Friday - 2/1/2013
    Time: 5:30pm - 10:00pm
    Mendonca Building Courtyard
    1126 Smith Street
    #11 on the Gallery
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    For More info:
    JoDee Hunt, 262-5930
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    Cost: Free

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First Friday February 1, 2013 at the Chinatown Courtyard
(Mendonca Building, 1126 Smith Street) 5-10pm
The ARTS at Marks Garage and Shop Bop & Grind presents...
Gong Xi Fa CaiThe Chinatown Courtyard will be transformed into a Secret Beer Garden benefiting The ARTS at Marks. ( Shop Bop & Grind takes over the downstairs walkway with music by DJ Mr. Nick that'll make you bop while you shop, delicious grinds by Café 888 – 1123 Maunakea Street (Vietnamese sandwiches, spring rolls, & shrimp chips) and local goods ( DJ Mr. Nick brings you intimate world dance party inspired DJ sets between 6-9pm ( The Chinatown Artist Loft inhabitants will open their galleries to the public between 5-10pm with a Chinese Lion Dance to bring luck to the New Year!
So drink in the art with your eyes, drink in the music with your ears and drink in the libations through your mouth and experience First Friday like never before and stay a while.
Name:  Cyaltsa  "sigh-alt-suh"

Company Name:  Creative Cuzzin
How long have you been doing this? I've been painting for the past 3 years, and metal sculpting occasionally for the past 10 years.  More recently in the past two years, however, my painting creations have blossomed.  Moving to Hawaii from Washington State, I believe in my heart, is the reason for this growth.
What made you start your business? The desire to share my work with the world, to encourage and inspire others.

What inspires your designs? The cultural feeling of the two places that I call HOME:  the Lummi Rez in Bellingham, WA (where I was born and raised) and Hawaii, where I currently reside. The commonality between the two: Our Ocean. Our cultures. Our hearts and spirits. And our sacred land.
If you had advice for any new up-and-coming artists out there what would it be? I myself feel to be a new up and coming artist, so I would just advise what i tell myself, "Keep doing what your doing. Keep your visions close to your heart. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Keep an open mind, heart, and soul. And keep doing what you love to do and be happy to share it."
CreativeCuzzin - My artwork consists of acrylic paintings and metal art with a Native American/Hawaiian flavor, (originals and prints are available on some of the paintings).  These works are created on different mediums, such as metal, plastics (both of which are scrap pieces from my daytime job sites), and mostly stretched canvases and boards.  I also have miscellaneous metal sculptures of steel, along with some Dream catchers are made of rebar and plastic coated metal wire.
AltPercept - Bright playful jewelry and accessories. Embroidery thread, wire-wrapped earrings, feather ear cuffs and pendants/necklaces with beach glass and  stones. Every piece is carefully handmade and unlike anything else anywhere else. Be your bright self and be different!
Carrie Say - Our business is mother and daughter run.  We carry assorted gift accessories including unique jewelry from all parts of the world such as Australia, China and Thailand. We like to find rare items and create and construct handmade products such as crystal bracelets, bead earrings, handbags, and bonnets, so that our collection is full of uniquely different treasures.
Catwings Couture - Dangerously Cute Accessories! Barrettes, clips, hats, fascinators, eyelashes, pasties & more! Decorated with flowers, feathers, ribbon, skulls, skeleton hands & made with love.
Charisma Industries is a creative design firm specializing in entertainment and the arts. They offer a variety of products including handmade T-shirts, live artwork, novelty pins, magnets, stickers, plush creations, and various odds and ends.
Free Art Movement/Beneath Everything - Handmade sewn, crocheted, knitted...duct-taped, hand-painted wooden... fashionable accessories/stuff for ages 0-100000. Paintings, drawings, poetry, lucky or
Isis Productions Hawaii - Belly dance productions, performance, instruction & costuming by Suzanne Hamdi Keyser. Vending original oil paintings, vintage clothing & jewelry as well as unique treasures from world travels.
Little Circles - I am an artist who creates both fine and wearable art made entirely out of paper. Each piece is of original design and rolled by hand. I seal all of my work  by hand as well thus creating a water resistant, one-of-a-kind piece. Jewelry: Art:
Rabotilnichka Jewelry is a creative atelier designing hand crafted jewelry with a story to tell. Each piece incorporates a perconal attitude, attention to detail and celebration of form and colour. Materials vary from smooth sea stones and shells to enamel and silver.
Reverie by Alessandra - Specializing in elaborately decorated, handcrafted, unique, specialized gifts called libretti ('little book' in Italian), as well as jewelry that include semi-precious stones, crystal embellishments and hand blown glass beads, among other delightful elements. Reverie is a French noun which means, 'a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream.' Everyday I nurture my dreams and feel encouraged to, one step at a time, follow, realize and become my dreams. I like to encourage others to do the same.
Roketo makes super fresh graphic tees.
Slick Rick Ink - Richard "Slick Rick" Martin (Owner). Local artist, making uniquely awesome art on canvas using acrylics and mixed media. 
Group Lanai Gallery 5-10pm – Check out the special gallery the lofters have in store this First Friday as well as what they have going on in their own lofts!
Loft #202: 6-10pm
Firebird Photography will be closed, but check him out online and follow his blog and sign-up for email notifications on photography specials! Right now, check out his latest project -  Universe of One: the book or 
Loft #203: 6-10pm
Pen and ink extraordinaire Kris Goto will be featuring new Valentine’s Day pieces.
Loft # 205 7:30-10pm
Pandemonium Laboratories Conceptual Design and Fabrication - Tutorials and Q&A
Have an idea to build something? Don't know how to make it, or don't know how to make it the easy way? Don't know how to use tools? Come by The Laboratory for hands on training and informed fabrication guidance.
Loft #206
Truetone Studios will be quiet this First Friday, but check out what James McCarthy has going on online!
Loft #207: 6-8pm
Come to the newest space for culture, well-being and quality of life in Chinatown, at DeRose Method Hawaii. The one and only representation of the DeRose Method in Hawaii and one of the three places in America where you can experience this exclusive lifestyle. The DeRose Method is a lifestyle proposal focusing on good quality of life, fulfilling human relationships, culture, good dietary habits and optimal health. Some of the tools used to achieve that are: breathing re-education, stress management, and body techniques to improve muscular tone and flexibility, as well as other techniques utilized to achieve emotional relaxation and mental concentration. All of these tools ultimately aim to increase consciousness and self-awareness. Offering private to semi-private classes. "Teaching individuals how to become better versions of themselves."
call (808) 779-9712
Loft #208:            
Barrio Vintage's loft will be closed but check out there location at 1160 Nuuanu Avenue. Barrio Vintage is a vintage and retro boutique located in the historic Chinatown District of Honolulu. Barrio features an eye-catching assortment of clothing and accessories for both women and men. Each item is unique to the store and is sure to spark the interest of the vintage lover and the fashion-minded alike. Barrio is also proud to showcase the works of independent and progressive artists and designers.
call (808) 674-7156
Loft #209:
Check out Ruth Sorenson's landscape oil paintings. Lot's of new work and etchings for sale!
Loft #210: 7-9pm
James Anshutz presents the Lemuria Project, where children become the characters of their imagination, along with commercial and portrait work from James Anshutz
Loft #212 7-10pm
FISHMARKET STUDIOS will feature prints by Sergio Garzon. New-edition mono-prints also for sale.
Loft #215 6-9pm
The Creative
Come into The Creative space and see what they have in store this First Friday! Hosted by Youth Speaks Hawaiʻi.

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